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By using a blend of well-known methods and company’s know-how, Internet Vikings SEO hosting will increase traffic to your website and enhance your business and sales. To do this, Internet Vikings draw on over 15 years of experience in the hosting industry and put our SEO expertise into practice. The company makes your website more profitable by increasing its visibility. So, how does this work?

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The Need for SEO Hosting

An important factor in SEO ranking is the number of websites that link to your main site. All the big search engines take this into consideration, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you have numerous unique websites linking to yours from across the world, your SEO rating gets higher.


The value of inbound links from other sites to your main website is sometimes called “link juice” by those in the SEO world. Search engines see these links as a sign your site is worth visiting and promoting. You need as much of this juice as possible.

In reality, if you were to wait for independent websites to start randomly linking to yours, you could be waiting for ages before it had any significant effect. It helps if you publish valuable content on your site, but still, the Internet is a crowded place. Internet Vikings SEO hosting offers a fast solution.

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Internet Vikings SEO Hosting & IP Diversification

Internet Vikings SEO Hosting - Internet Vikings SEO Hosting & IP Diversification

SEO hosting is sometimes called C-Class IP hosting. It uses multiple C-Class IP addresses so that search engines recognize them discretely, even though they reside on the same server.

Ordinarily, if you were to create numerous websites with the same IP address, at a certain point, search engines would recognize this and filter them out. Internet Vikings holds 160,000 IP addresses derived from 35 A-Class, 70 B-Class, and 1200 C-Class IPs.

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A-Class networks are few in number but accommodate huge numbers of host addresses. B-Class accommodates more networks and fewer host IPs (but significant numbers of both). These A- and B-Class networks would flood search results if they were taken into account by big search engines, but they aren’t. Hence the reason C-Class is the main focus of SEO hosting.

Internet Vikings SEO Hosting - Internet Vikings hosting services

Although C-Class IPs are the main concern with regard to search engine rankings, A-Class and B-Class IPs add valuable diversity to IP infrastructure. They enable many thousands of unique IP addresses with geolocations from across the world.

With Internet Vikings SEO Hosting, you can create multiple secondary content sites with inbound links (aka backlinks) to your main site. Each of these sites has a unique IP address and geolocation. Search engines view this favorably and award you a better ranking.