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In choosing a hosting service provider (HSP), you have to make sure the services on offer are a good fit for you and your company. So, what are the hosting qualities that customers most often need? Internet Vikings iGaming hosting strives for the best possible performance in all key areas and beyond.

With headquarters in Sweden and other offices in Malta and Ukraine, Internet Vikings is one of Europe’s biggest hosting providers. It offers a range of high-quality hosting products to businesses large and small. Customers come to Internet Vikings for dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting (including private clouds), managed hosting, SEO hosting, and iGaming hosting

Hosting Qualities

There are a few qualities you always want from a hosting service provider, no matter what your precise needs or how much you’re willing to pay. However, the lower the price point, the more likely you are to compromise on these qualities. Let’s look at some of them.

SPEED: given a choice, nobody ever wants a website with slow-loading pages. That’s especially true of e-commerce websites, where customers might abandon or change their minds if a page doesn’t load quickly. Response time is related to the proximity of servers, among other things. Internet Vikings cloud servers deliver a sub-70ms response time to 80% of the world’s population. That’s the type of speed that maximizes sales.

SECURITY: closely related to reliability is security, since some cybercrimes like DDoS attacks can bring websites down. Internet Vikings offers private cloud hosting, which is inherently safer than public cloud hosting and gives customers total control over infrastructure. With public clouds, customers share the same resources, making security incidents and data breaches more likely. Private clouds allow more peace of mind for businesses that hold a lot of sensitive data. A third possibility is hybrid clouds, which combine the high security of private clouds with the shared resources and cost-effectiveness of public clouds.

RELIABILITY: downtime is undesirable for any site, but it becomes critical for retail and iGaming websites. Internet Vikings aim to limit downtime to an absolute minimum with its fully redundant hosting solution. This is a form of service back-up where “redundant” hardware and connectivity come into play if a website is taken offline. Website hosting is spread across multiple servers and data centers to ensure a site stays up.

SCALABILITY: admittedly, not everyone needs scalability in a hosting service, but it’s essential to many businesses. Internet Vikings offers e-commerce businesses and iGaming companies an unlimited scalable solution with resizing assistance always on tap through its DevOps team. Increases in demand or service level can be easily met through hardware upgrades.

Internet Vikings - iGaming Hosting US

Internet Vikings iGaming Hosting US

Internet Vikings hosting provides the knowledge and experience you need to expand your business to new heights. We can offer the tools you require to grow your company to new heights because we are the home of hosting. We provide dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting (including private clouds), managed hosting, SEO hosting, and iGaming hosting to our customers.

We have offices and Internet Vikings data centers positioned in a lot of significant markets, making us the best choice.

Internet Vikings - iGaming Hosting

iGaming Hosting

As an iGaming HSP, Internet Vikings continue to go from strength to strength. It provides the necessary high-end hardware and technology for online casinos and game developers to offer customers a smooth, uninterrupted gaming experience. Dedicated servers use SSD and NVMe hard drives to deliver blistering performance.

Cloud Servers

Internet Vikings brings many possibilities to the table for iGaming customers, including private cloud hosting, hybrid cloud hosting, dedicated physical infrastructure, reliable 150 Gbit/s DDoS protection, and web acceleration via a high-performance content delivery network (CDN) across all major continents. Internet Vikings is also ISO 27001 certified in information security management, which gives extra peace of mind to customers holding and processing sensitive data.

Internet Vikings - Cloud Servers

Whether it’s in the popular iGaming hub of Malta, where the company has an office, or among the growing markets of Asia, the Americas, and India, Internet Vikings can deliver the speed, security, scalability, and reliability that iGaming operators need in order to stay competitive. Our company is an expert in iGaming hosting USA, iGaming hosting LatAm, and iGaming hosting Asia where markets are less saturated, and can help customers establish a presence in other continents.

Internet Vikings - an expert in iGaming hosting USA, iGaming hosting LatAm, and iGaming hosting Asia

Internet Vikings hosting services provider -
Industry Recognition

Internet Vikings - awards

All of Internet Vikings’ hosting services are award winning and ground breaking, having won SiGMA Hosting Provider of the Year Global iGaming awards London Services Provider of the Year and EGR Nordics Corporate Services Supplier of the Year, 5 Star iGaming media Data Centre of the Year.

Of course, we are always available to help companies plan solutions that suit their precise needs. Contact today to find out how we can advance your business!