Internet Vikings Review

Internet Vikings - Review

Founded in 2008, Internet Vikings has over a decade of experience in the business of web hosting, iGaming hosting, VMware hosting, co-location hosting and dedicated server hosting. It has its headquarters in Stockholm, but the customer base of this experienced Swedish company reaches far and wide. This review will take a closer look at the services Internet Vikings offers, which fall under the main headings of hosting. Hosting services vary significantly between providers in both quality and depth. Low-cost hosting is always attractive, but if you’re running a business site, you need minimal downtime, high speed, and reliable support. And then you want your website to be seen. Let’s see what Internet Vikings has to offer about all this and more.

Internet Vikings Review: Hosting Services


The primary business of Internet Vikings is our hosting services, and that’s broken down into five component:

  • Internet Vikings iGaming hosting across the U.S., Europe, the Americas, and Asia, where we see an opportunity for expansion and where the industry is rapidly growing.
  • Internet Vikings Cloud hosting where a virtual hosting platform is driven by multiple physical servers for extra flexibility, reliability, and economy.
  • Internet Vikings Dedicated server hosting where the physical resources of a server are accessible by one customer and tailored to the needs of that customer.
  • Internet Vikings Managed hosting where Internet Vikings take close care of the day-to-day running of customer’s servers and protects against data breaches.
  • Internet Vikings SEO hosting that uses modern SEO methods to enhance your position in search engine rankings.

Let’s zoom in on some of those services to examine what’s on offer.

Internet Vikings - Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud Server Hosting

Internet Vikings cloud server hosting delivers a response time of below 70ms to 80% of the world’s population. That’s well below the recommended 200ms threshold recommended by Google and others. And that’s important if you’re running an e-commerce website, for instance, where customers abandon a page if they are kept waiting. This performance is what you pay for with Internet Vikings, as opposed to the false economy of cheap shared hosting.

Thanks to its use of state-of-the-art all flash memory rather than HDDs, Internet Vikings’ cloud servers deliver high performance with low latency. The company’s “fully redundant solution” ensures reliability, with the back-up of extra hardware that takes over in the event of a system failure. For even greater security and flexibility, Internet Vikings offer private clouds, where companies do not share resources and can adapt infrastructure to suit their own needs.

As part of its WordPress cloud hosting service, Internet Vikings throws in extras for free, like BitNinja server protection.

Internet Vikings - iGaming Hosting

iGaming Hosting

It’s vital in this Internet Vikings review to highlight the company’s iGaming Hosting service, which is one of the main thrusts of the business. Dedicated servers are provided for customers, so they can deliver an immersive experience to online casino goers without interruptions.

Internet Vikings can help companies make moves in the growing iGaming markets of Asia, the Americas, and India. It offers a huge collection of multicontinental IPs. The Swedish company instills confidence with ISO 27001 certification for information security management (ISM), so customers can trust it to protect sensitive data against vulnerabilities. As well, available DDoS protection can withstand attacks of up to 150 Gbit/s on client websites.

Internet Vikings - SEO Hosting

Internet Vikings SEO Hosting

There are plenty of companies vying for your attention in the SEO hosting arena, so where do Internet Vikings fit into this? For a start, the company holds a mighty 160,000 diversified IPs from across the world, and that’s beneficial when it comes to creating a good impression on the big search engines. It means you can build multiple sites from varying locations and increase your flow of SEO juice using high-quality backlinks. Useful.

Of course, the Internet Vikings SEO hosting service doesn’t stop there. You also get auto WordPress installation and DNS setup—valuable time savers. Plus, you get to manage all of your sites from one WordPress panel, which helps keep things simple and lets you easily see what needs to be done. The diversity in IPs alone is way above average in SEO hosting.

Internet Vikings Review: Conclusion

Internet Vikings offers high-performance, reliable hosting predominantly for the iGaming industry. It’s a safe choice for businesses small and large, where speed and dependability count most.