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Working at Internet Vikings

Internet Vikings is all about delivering the best possible results for customers, whether it’s in terms of fast websites, reliability, search engine rankings, or flexibility. When you work for the company, you’re allowed a certain amount of creative freedom to reach those goals. Of course, there are many departments within the business, each requiring a specific skill set.

In keeping with its modern outlook, the Internet Vikings HQ in Stockholm, Sweden, is an open space with a lively atmosphere. That’s certainly the impression you get from Glassdoor reviews, too. It encourages communication and a cohesive team-working structure. And there are several teams within Internet Vikings, all working to satisfy a diverse customer base.

Personal Development

Personal development is an important concept to Internet Vikings, not least because it’s closely related to job satisfaction and productivity. Staff say their ideas are taken into account and often implemented. All personnel are valued members of a team. Internet Vikings is good at motivating employees.

internet vikings glassdoor

Expanding Horizons

Staff at Internet Vikings go on trips together and socialize with one another. It’s essential to the company that staff get along while still having enough space to express their own ideas and opinions. No type of bullying or marginalization is acceptable to Internet Vikings, and employees say they feel valued.



Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Internet Vikings offices are busy places according to the Glassdoor site, but office work is always sedentary. And few people travel through life without feelings of stress or pressure. That’s why the company arranges physical exercise groups for its employees, whether it be running or other sporting activities. Physical exercise reduces levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body, thereby having a positive effect on mental wellbeing, too.


There are several departments within Internet Vikings where potential employees can work, obviously depending on their skills and previous experience. Just as the company’s products complement each other, so do the departments within it.

Business Development

Business development is where many extroverts or staff with good people skills hang out. However, the role is not only about communication. These employees need to be deeply knowledgeable about the products they sell and be able to interpret the needs of new or existing customers.

Although business development sounds like a job tied to a desk and a phone, this is far from the truth. Employees in this department are among the most traveled since they regularly attend conferences and events in Europe, the USA, and further afield. Seeing different parts of the world is a definite plus point in some Internet Vikings roles.

Attending SEO or hosting events is useful in terms of sales. Still, it’s also invaluable as a way of forging relationships, staying abreast of technological developments, and observing industry trends. Employees in this department regularly communicate their findings with colleagues at Internet Vikings, so the business constantly evolves and adapts.


The business of website hosting is not without its technical challenges. Internet Vikings support staff solve any problems customers may have. Of course, the aim is always to keep technical difficulties and service breakdowns to an absolute minimum. But an excellent hosting service provider (HSP) must be able to deal efficiently with problems if and when they arise.

Again, support staff must be fully conversant with the products in question so they can offer the best possible advice. This is a job for technically minded people who can think on their feet and deliver a calm, professional response to customers in all circumstances. It’s a satisfying job for anyone that likes to help others.


Hosting in various forms is the main business of Internet Vikings, so it comes as no surprise that the company dedicates a department to it. The level of service customers need, and the maintenance of that service is mostly a technical concern, so the hosting team is full of IT technicians ready to meet the demands of customers new and old.

Internet Vikings customers might need anything from a small but fast-loading eCommerce website to a high-performance iGaming site. Different aims have different technical requirements. The company offers scalable hosting solutions with full redundancy, meaning the use of fall-back hardware and connectivity that prevents significant downtime.

Job titles within the hosting department include chief technical officer (CTO), system administrator, site reliability engineer, and hosting delivery manager. You can apply for Internet Vikings jobs through various channels, including Glassdoor and the company’s own career website.

SEO Sites

SEO hosting is part of the Internet Vikings product range, and this requires the design and creation of multiple websites replete with content. To that end, the SEO Sites department is filled with site builders, PHP developers, content coordinators, SEO specialists, and quality assurance staff.

Domain Names

To complement its SEO hosting business, Internet Vikings tracks domain names due for expiry and offers the best ones to customers via its Marketplace. This is done on a large scale, so the company needs a team of domain specialists and web developers to deliver the service. Customers can peruse available domains as well as receiving weekly suggestions tailored to the needs of their business. Workers in these jobs like their job security, flexibility, and the fast-paced environment.


All global companies need marketing to succeed. Internet Vikings employs a CMO (chief marketing officer), content writers, and graphic designers to get their name out there and develop brand awareness. Staff from the marketing department get to travel a lot, since they attend events in various countries and liaise with business development employees.


All aspects of Internet Vikings’ finances are taken care of by the finance department. This is based in the company’s Swedish HQ, as described on the Glassdoor website. The remit of this department is to monitor and maintain the financial health of the company as well as handling accounts, invoices, and staff salaries. The finance department is the lifeblood of the company, helping it to thrive and make prudent business decisions.


Breathing Space With Internet Vikings

Internet Vikings employs a variety of staff with wide-ranging skills. Regardless of their particular talents, the aim of the company is to engage all employees and make them feel part of a team. Workers are not micro-managed judging by Glassdoor opinion, which helps keep morale high and establishes trust. You won’t feel restricted or held back when working for Internet Vikings.